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Basically, because it comes from users who are not explicitly searching for your product or service or they are browsing other websites and come across advertising that brings them to us, and we forward them to you. For this reason, we call these human visitors: low cost traffic – basically you can get them for a tiny fraction of the very expensive cost of advertising on Google Search Ads, or Social Media Ads.

Well, it depends. We partner with thousand of websites all around the world, including mainstream, adult, expired or parked domains, and many more. Is some cases, we only get a fraction of the website’s traffic while in other cases we get it in full. In many cases, these visitors are sourced from ads in various niches. When you purchase a traffic campaign, you are being displayed on these websites or user is redirected to you according to the category and the visitor targeting that you chose, until your target number of visitors is reached.

Most new campaigns are approved within 2-5 business days on average. All orders undergo a manual review process where we review your web page, your ads and approve your order.

Yes. We can use several variables to target your campaigns, such as country, browser, niches and others.

We accept a wide range of businesses, including many business types that have a difficult time getting accepted on other advertising solutions (such as Google search Ads), but we’re currently not accepting any of the businesses that promote the following: Illegal or deceptive content, Hateful content, Cryptocurrency ICOs and Deceptive or harmful downloads.
We reserve the right to refuse service for any customer. Our partners have strict rules in place, and any ad that violates these rules may be cancelled and refunded. If you’re unsure if your website meets our guidelines, please contact us and we will evaluate it for you.

Yes. Our traffic is transmitted using our servers as well as redirected to your site, which will certainly usually show up in your Google Analytics dashboard.
If your web traffic isn’t appearing properly in Google Analytics, please let us know. We will also provide you an external entity tracking link, so that you can check all details.

Google Adsense doesn’t clearly restrict purchasing traffic. Since we’re driving real traffic to your website, it should be no problem. That being said, your AdSense account is not controlled or possessed by us, and we can not make any type of guarantees regarding it. It is up to you to keep up to date with their regulations and laws, and utilize any type of third-party services at your very own risk.

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